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Joy for Life Retreat Ruotsissa

Vuoden takainen Victoria Boutenkon luento Suomessa saa jatkoa uudessa laajennetussa muodossa Ruotsin maalla. Victoria perheineen järjestää viikon mittaisen retriitin kauniissa Mundekullan kurssikeskuksessa.

Tarkempia tietoja kurssisisällöstä englanniksi seuraavassa:

Joy for Life Retreat in Sweden

Seven days of green smoothies by Victoria Boutenko and
The Work of Byron Katie, presented by Tom Compton
June 6th (Monday) to June 12th (Sunday), 2011

Our retreat in Sweden will be held at Mundekulla Retreat Center, peacefully and beautifully located.

At the Joy for Life Retreat, our days are packed with activities. Green smoothies made from fresh organic produce, are served four times daily and documentaries from Victoria’s personal collection are shown on a big screen every evening.

Victoria Boutenko lectures twice a day. Some of the topics she covers include:
• Understanding Detox
• The Self-Healing Ability of the Body
• History of Eating
• Strengthening Immunity
• Taking Care of Skin, Hair, Teeth and Eyes
• The Nutritional Value of Greens
• Travelling with Raw Foods
• Women’s Health
• Organic vs. Conventional
• Raw Food on a Budget
• Parasites
• Colon Health
• Q & A

Tom Compton guides the daily workshops introducing the work of Byron Katie, which help:
• To identify stressful thoughts
• To question stressful thoughts
• To live with less fear
• To minimize stress in everyday life
• To resolve conflicts
• To improve relationships

Valya Boutenko teaches a morning fitness program and yoga. She also lectures on
• Food Demo: Green Smoothies for Any Occasion
• Restoring Vision Naturally
• Helping Children Become Healthy
• Q & A

Sergei Boutenko leads a variety of workshops:
• Wild Edible Walk
• The Nutritional Superiority of Greens
• Salsa Dancing
• Short distance hikes
• Q & A

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